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There are different possibilities to sculpt your figure, whether it's breast volume reshaping, gentle liposuction or abdominoplasty.

Prothèses mammaires

Breast prostheses or breast hypoplasty

A mammaplasty of augmentation consists in correcting the volume considered insufficient of the breasts by the installation of implants (prostheses).

Breast reduction or reduce breast volume​

The purpose of the surgery is to reduce the volume of the breasts, correct the ptosis and any asymmetry, in order to obtain two harmonious breasts in themselves and in relation to the morphology of the patient.

Réduction mammaire
Ptôse mammaire

Breast ptosis: modify the curve and volume of the breasts​

Breast ptosis is defined by sagging of the gland and distention of the skin surrounding it. The breast is in a too low position and more frequently "empty" in its upper part.

The purpose of the surgery is to put the areola and the nipple back in the right position and to remove the excess skin in order to obtain two harmonious, nicely curved and lifted breasts.


Liposuction is a “generalist” intervention because it can be performed wherever there is fat, anywhere on the body. It aims to sculpt the silhouette.

It has become possible to carry out aspirations of superficial fat, which has the effect of improving the appearance of the skin while promoting its retraction. It is this progress that allows us today to qualify this superficial liposuction as “liposculpture”.  


Liposuction​ of the arms

Arm liposuction is for patients with excess fat but no excess skin.

This region is very special both in terms of its location and the extremely fine quality of the skin.

Liposuccion​ des bras

Belly liposuction

If there is one area that the appearance of liposuction has revolutionized, it is that of the disgraces of the abdominal wall. 

Lipoaspiration du ventre

Gentle liposuction or liposuction​

The gentle liposuction technique is the lightest technique. It is used to remove small localized volumes radically and definitively. Adipocytes do not reform except in exceptional conditions (poor genetic program, menopause, hormones, diet).

Liposuccion douce ou lipoaspiration​

Liposuction and renuvion​

The Renuvion device, a revolutionary surgical technique, is mainly used to treat sagging skin on the body, including the stomach, back, thighs, breasts, arms and legs. But, it can also be used to treat the neck and the oval of the face. This treatment is sometimes combined with liposuction.

Lipossucion et renuvion​

Abdominoplasty​ or abdominoplasty 

If the appearance of liposuction techniques has made it possible to significantly improve the treatment of fatty deposits in the abdomen in women as in men, they do not respond to all situations. Thus, whenever the abdominal area presents significant skin lesions, with numerous stretch marks, even scars, or when there is a relaxation of the muscle wall (often following a significant weight loss), liposuction alone is not enough. 

It is then necessary to have recourse to another surgical technique, abdominoplasty or abdominoplasty, an intervention whose purpose is to remove the most damaged areas of skin and to tighten the healthy skin which is on their periphery. The abdominoplasty also makes it possible to bring together the muscles of the abdominal wall which may have been separated, in particular following pregnancies.

Plastie abdominale ou abdominoplastie​

Inner thigh lift​

When there is a slackening of the skin at the level of the inner thighs, an isolated liposuction cannot suffice and only a re-tensioning of this skin is likely to correct this defect: it is the crural lifting or lifting of the inner side of the thigh.

Lifting de la face interne de la cuisse​
Lifting de la face interne des bras​

Lifting of the inner face of the arms​

When there is a slackening of the skin at the level of the inner face of the arms, an isolated liposuction cannot suffice, only a re-tensioning of this skin is likely to correct this defect: it is the brachial lift or face lift. inner side of the arms.

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