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With age, the body changes and certain tissues tend to stretch. To help you fight against sagging skin, the teams at Clinique Alphand offer you aesthetic medicine treatments for natural and harmonious results.


These injections of hyaluronic acid can also be performed to reshape the buttocks or fill in any areas where the loss of volume would be considered unsightly.


Cryolipolysis by Coolsculpting

Cryolipolysis is an aesthetic treatment that melts fat with cold by destroying fat cells. This non-invasive treatment allows a reduction of fat deposits to redefine the silhouette. It is the alternative to liposuction.


he results of a cryolipolysis appear after about three to six weeks. A session lasts about 60 minutes.


this treatment is recommended for people wishing to reduce small unsightly localized roundness, but is not suitable for overweight people.


Body contouring by Onda

Onda is the very first and only system that uses Coolwaves Microwave technology in the overall management of the silhouette: removal of localized fat, cellulite and orange peel skin, firming of the skin are its main functions.

Very short sessions (8-12min/zone) with an integrated cooling system make the treatment comfortable and enjoyable.

3 to 4 sessions maximum are required per area.

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