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To rejuvenate your features, erase certain wrinkles and benefit from a brighter face, the Clinique Alphand teams put their professionalism at your disposal by offering you several solutions including injections that are natural, easy to use and provide results. spectacular.

Your face will regain its youthfulness, with a redesigned mouth, plumped lips, remodeled cheekbones, smoothed wrinkles or even less tired features.

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid, naturally present in the skin, tends to disappear with age. It gives the skin its curve and its plump appearance by moisturizing the subcutaneous tissue, and thus reducing wrinkles.


Injections of hyaluronic acid can restore lost volumes, fill in wrinkles and hydrate certain areas of the skin that have lost their elasticity.

Hyaluronic acid can be associated with Botulinum toxin.


we recommend injections of hyaluronic acid to fill deep wrinkles.

Acide hyaluronique

Botulinum toxin

Botulinum toxin is the reference medical treatment for wrinkles in the upper part of the face.


injected in very low doses at very specific points on the upper face, it relaxes the muscles that contract due to aging.


Our team of doctors recommend this treatment for crow's feet wrinkles, frown lines, drooping eyebrows and horizontal wrinkles on the forehead.

Toxine botulique


To restore your face's lost plumpness


our doctors offer injections of volumizing products that are easy to use and whose results are visible immediately for many months.


the volumizers allow you to reshape your cheekbones, redraw the oval at the level of your jawbones or raise your eyebrows. 



Mesolift treatments consist of injecting a cocktail of specific products in several specific places, which nourish the dermis and revitalize your cells (hyaluronic acid, vitamin cocktails).


this treatment requires 3 or 4 sessions, spaced 10 to 15 days apart. These sessions should then be followed by a maintenance session every three months.


our teams of doctors recommend this type of treatment for wrinkled cheeks or neckline or small acne scars. 



Used to refine the texture of your skin and erase small wrinkles or spots accumulated on the skin during exposure to the sun, the peeling will give your skin a boost of radiance.

Peels, more or less gentle, rid the skin of its dead cells and thus stimulate epidermal renewal (peels with AHA, TCA).


Tensor threads

The placement of resorbable tensor threads can be considered for skin rejuvenation. This aesthetic medicine treatment allows both a re-tensioning of the contour of the face, but also a remeshing of the subcutaneous tissue by densifying it.

An alternative method to hyaluronic acid injections or facelifts, the placement of tensor threads is perfectly suited for women and men who do not wish surgery, within the limits of their indications.

Fils tenseurs 


Very trendy, it allows deep cleansing of the skin of the face. In just 3 steps, 30 minutes, your skin regains all its radiance.

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